Auf dieser Seite veröffentlichen wir übersichtlich wichtige Informationen über Back to Life e.V.

1. Name, location, address and year of foundation of our organization

Back to Life e.V.
Louisenstraße 117
61348 Bad Homburg

Back to Life e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 1996 with its headquarters in Bad Homburg. It is registered under the number 1898 in the official register of associations of the district court of Bad Homburg.

2. Complete statutes and goals of our association

Our current and complete statutes can be found HERE.

Back to Life e.V. supports and promotes the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged people under the guiding idea of ‘helping others help themselves’.Meanwhile, we reach about 45,000 people with our projects. The projects are selected, initiated and started by the foundress Stella Deetjen, who has been helping disadvantaged people and especially children since 1996. Then project managers and partners start to accompany the projects. This should ultimately lead to the phase of self-determination and independency of the local population.

3. Recognition as a non-profit association, notice of exemption

Our association Back to Life e.V. was recognized as a non-profit association by the tax office Bad Homburg under the tax number 0325061673.

According to § 5 Para. 1 No. 9 KStG we are exempted from corporation tax and according to § 3 No. 6 GewSt we are also exempted from trade tax because we exclusively and directly serve tax-deductible benevolent and charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 ff AO. We are therefore entitled to issue donation receipts. This was last confirmed on April 04th 2017 by the tax office:

Notice of exemption 2017


4. Name and function of the main decision makers of our association

The Management Board consists of the chairwoman/chairman of the board, the second (deputy) chairwoman/chairman and the CFO and is elected by the general meeting for a period of three years. Each member of the Management Board is authorized to represent the association on their own. The last election of the Management Board took place on 06.06.2016.

Chairwoman and CEO: Stella Deetjen

Deputy Chairman: Frank Gross

CFO: Ulf Hordorff

5. Activities of our association

We report on our annual activities in our activity reports. These are available HERE.

In addition, we report in our Magazine three times a year about the current activities and the use of donations in Nepal. The archive can be found HERE.

Even more regularly, we report on the development in our projects on our homepage under the heading „News“ and on our e Facebook page.

6. Personnel structure

The Management Board acts on a voluntary basis. The CEO is supported by a small office in Germany with 3 fulltime jobs and several volunteers. In our Nepal projects we have 48 employees (dates from 2018).

7. Origin and use of funds of the association

An overview of the revenues and expenses of the past year can be found in our financial reports.

8. Corporate affiliation

In Nepal we work with local organizations to implement our projects. Our Nepalese partners are “Paribatan”, “KPADF” and the “Human Rights and Environment Development Center”. 

9. Names of legal persons whose annual donations account for more than 10 per cent of our total annual revenues

In the past few years, there were no legal nor natural persons whose annual donations accounted for more than 10 per cent of our total annual income. 


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