With your donation you can support sustainable improvements in the lives of poor and disadvantaged communities in the project areas of Back to Life. Contributing to our programme activities, you can help create a chance for a self-determined life and a healthier and more educated future for children, families, and communities in need.

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You can choose which Back to Life programme you would like to support:

You can use the following payment options to make your donation:

  1. One-off bank transfer or standing order for periodic donations
  2. PayPal payment service
  3. Direct debiting

1. Bank transfer on our donations accounts 

Please transfer your donation (one-off transfer or standing order) to the following bank account. Please use the programme you wish to support as a reference for the payment. Kindly, enter your complete address, so we can send you an official donation receipt. 

Nepal projects account: General account:
IBAN DE 94 500 800 000 729999002 IBAN DE 51 500 800 000 729999000
Commerzbank AG Commerzbank AG

2. Donating via Paypal

If you prefer to make your donation via PayPal, you will be redirected to an external website. In order to inform us which programme you would like to support and / or to request a donation receipt, please send an email to

Nepal projects: General:

3. SEPA direct debiting 

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You can simply use the online form below to authorize direct debiting through Back to Life. NB: Comprehensive information about Back to Life’s data protection policy is available here.

Important: Information on our handling of personal data can be found in our data protection declarationa>.

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Of course your donation is tax-deductible. The German tax authority accepts copies of the transaction documents for donations up to 200 Euro p.a. For donation above that amount, an official donation receipt is required. We send out annual donation receipts at the beginning of the following calendar year. Should you require a donation receipt at any other point in time, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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Eine Rückerstattung der Lastschrift kann innerhalb von acht Wochen verlangt werden, beginnend mit dem Belastungsdatum. Dabei gelten die mit dem Kreditinstitut vereinbarten Bedingungen.