In our project areas Mugu, Chitwan and Nuwakot, your sponsorship ensures that the impoverished regions finally have a real chance on arriving in the modern world and for much better living conditions. Thanks to your help, a broad and diverse support for the local population is made possible, which would otherwise be denied to the people.

We provide basic training in hygiene and health care, introduce microcredit systems and savings groups, improve the socio-economic situation especially in the agricultural sector, ensure medical and social help and regularly offer health camps, but also introduce the environmentally friendly use of solar energy and biogas facilities, construct and support Day-Care-Centres, schools as well as birthing centres to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. The future is finally one step closer in Mugu and Chitwan. 

Also part of a project sponsorship: our help after the earthquake

As part of our earthquake aid and the running reconstruction of schools, our efforts now mainly focus on the children. With your support, we want to reconstruct as many destroyed schools as possible to give the children a prospect of a self-determined life with real job opportunities. Only an educated generation will have the power and strength to rebuild their country and perhaps even a better one. Knowledge is the foundation of a nation.

Naturally, we will regularly inform you on the newest developments and achievements in our projects. With only 10 € per month you become a sponsor of a project! But you decide how much you want to donate.

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