Back to Life e.V. improved and improves the lives of needy and most disadvantaged people in India from 1996-2017 and since 2009 in Nepal. The projects are being initiated and led by the founder Stella Deetjen under the guiding idea of ‘helping others help themselves’– with the goal to enable and encourage the people on their way to a self-determined life. The local project managers and employees implement these until they are successfully completed. Administrative tasks are carried out in Germany by a small team to keep the costs low. In addition, many helpers, club members and the Board of Management do voluntary work. Our organization joined the initiative „Transparency Deutschland“ („Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft“) and gives access to all relevant information, such as Financial Reports on our homepage. Up to 45,000 people in Nepal are currently being reached by the activities of Back to Life. For about 8,700 children, the educational situation was noticeably improved. The organization’s sustainable self-help programs and measures are individually adapted to the specific requirements of the respective project areas. 


Mugu (Western Nepal) and Chitwan (Southern Nepal)

• Construction of birth centres (Mugu)

• Construction and equipping schools and daycare centres incl. training for teachers

• Direct support of the school education of about 390 girls (Chitwan)

• Construction of sanitary facilities, active health care and information on the importance of hygiene

• Medical care via health camps

• Livelihood support via microcredits and trainings

• Installation of solar lights and smokeless stoves (Mugu)

• Construction of biogas systems, solar lights and clay stoves (Chitwan)

• Improving crop yields incl. the distribution of goats and seed

• Protection of the environment and natural resources


Emergency earthquake aid

• Emergency care by providing emergency shelters and distributing food, water, cookware, medicine

• Support for hospitals, health camps in Sindhupalchok and Nuwakot


Reconstruction in the earthquake area of Nuwakot

• Reconstruction of 6 destroyed schools

• Reinstallation of the water supply system in the village of Bhaduwar

• agricultural measures to improve the income situation


Closed projects in Benares (India):

• children’s homes for about 120 street children and half orphans incl. providing education and occupational training

• Day-Care-Centres for street children

• support of up to 400 children in 13 slum-schools

• medical and social care for lepers and socially disadvantaged persons


Back to Life offers different sponsorships:

Interested persons can support the needy population in Nepal with a school sponsorship, birthing centre sponsorship or project sponsorship.

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