1996                 Medical and social care for lepers in the streets of Benares (Varanasi) and foundation of the association in Germany

1998                 Start of school lessons for street children

2000 – 2003     Daily program for begging children

2003                 Inauguration of the first Children’s Home in Benares for 40 street children and half orphans

2007                 Inauguration of the second Children’s Home for further 60 children in Benares

2008 – 2013     Program on children’s rights to improve the living conditions in 70 villages and 30 slums in and around Benares. Start of our ‘Non-Formal-Learning Schools” (NFL-Schools)

2008                 The first child from the Children’s Home graduates from school and starts his studies at the Benares Hindu University.

2009                 Starting of a Day-Care-Centre for about 20 needy street children in Benares

2013                 NFL-Schools in 13 slums in Benares for children who have no access to education

2014                 Inauguration of the third Children’s Home

2015                 12 children of our children’s homes study at prestigious universities in Benares or pursue a qualified vocational training

2016                 Extensive renovation of the leper-colony Bhadohi. Starting of competence centres in NFL-schools (i.e. sewing classes).

2017                 Moving into new premises and completing of Indian project work at the end of the year



2009                Start of a comprehensive development project for improving the living conditions in the remote mountainous region of Mugu; focussing on school and education, protection of natural resources, hygiene and health care, agriculture and implementation of a microcredit-system for up to 4,500 people.

2010                Start of a parallel project to improve the living conditions of former indigenous people in the district of Chitwan with a focus on schooling for 360 girls.

2011               Expansion of project activities in Mugu to reach up to 18,000 people (about one third of the population living there)

2012               Inauguration of the first birth centre and first school of Back to Life in Mugu

2014               Completion of five schools in Nepal for nearly 1,000 children. Inauguration of the second and third birth centres in Nepal. With the running projects in Nepal and India up to 45,000 people are now being reached.

2015               intensive emergency aid after the severe earthquakes by providing survival packages, medical care and distributing seed to ensure some income. Provisional schools made of tents to ensure school lessons for the time being

2015               Construction of the fourth birth centre as well as inauguration of the ninth school in Mugu. Improving the educational situation for nearly 7,400 children in Mugu and Chitwan

2016               Inauguration of the fifth and sixth birthing centre. Distribution of winter clothing for more than 2,100 school children in Mugu.

2017               Finish of the reconstruction of six destroyed schools in the earthquake area of Nuwakot. Birth of the 500th “Back to Life-Baby” at our birth centres. Start of the construction of the 7th birth centre in Mugu.

2018               Inauguration of the 10th school building in Mugu (a total of 20 school buildings have now been built by Back to Life in Nepal). A total of 2,300 households in Mugu received solar light systems and smokeless stoves. Inauguration of the 7th birthing centre in Mugu. Planning of the 8th and 9th birthing centres. Birth of the 700th “Back to Life-Baby” at our birth centres.

2019-2023      Our mission of ‘helping others help themselves” is to reach the whole population of Mugu with approximately 55,000 people. Therefore, we plan the construction of more birth centres and schools in Mugu. 

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