Yesterday, like every year on March 22nd since 1993, the International World Water Day took place, which was all about water and climate change this year. According to the UN, 2020 is a crucial year for climate protection, and since water is the primary medium through which the effects of climate disturbances are perceived – such as droughts and floods or the melting of the glaciers – this focus comes at just the right time. UN Secretary-General António Guterres calls for climate protection to be strengthened and also for investing in robust adaptation measures for a sustainable water supply.

For Back to Life, projects in the field of water and climate protection have long played an important role. Our activities in Nepal include raising awareness for environmental issues in communities and schools, e.g. in the form of "child clubs", in which students can discuss relevant topics, or initiate campaigns such as "Beat the Plastic". It is particularly important to us to set up sustainable water supply systems in communities that have little or no access to drinking water. By installing pipes, pumps or taps, we are able to make clean drinking water accessible for many people in our project regions.
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