Computers for Mahakali Deaf School in Mugu


The joy of the children is beyond words, their faces shine. “Our children are really happy. Until now, they only knew computers from seeing others working on it. Now our children have the opportunity to learn for themselves how to work with them. This will benefit them in many ways.”, says Hansa Devi, Head Master of Mahakali Deaf School. It is the only Secondary School and Hostel for the deaf in the remote mountain region of Mugu. 18 deaf children are currently being taught and accommodated here.

In this rapidly developing global world, a "digital divide" has become visible: In Nepal, children of wealthy families and in the city grow up with computers, while children from poor families and in remote rural areas do not have this opportunity. However, computer skills are becoming increasingly essential for academic, economic and personal success. The curriculum in Nepal already includes working on the computer, but many schools cannot afford to buy it.

Raj Bahadur Budha, an excellent student who graduated from Mahakali School a few years ago, says: “The only obstacle to my studies was my computer illiteracy. It was quite a struggle, but then I got it going.”

Some parts of Mugu are already connected to the internet, so we hope that the children's work on the computers will not be limited to typing. It should open up new horizons across Mugu's borders and transform learning processes.

We are thankful to our generous donor for helping us to support disadvantaged children in Nepal and for bridging the "digital divide" through access to modern technology.

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