Dinesh’ surgery went well – the small boy suffered from a severe infection


His grandfather examined Dinesh’ belly carefully. When he discovered the clean seam of the surgical scar on his abdomen he realised his grandson would soon be able to live a normal life. He began to cry tears of joy. 

Little Dinesh (which translates to "sun") was born in summer of 2017 in the remote mountains of Mugu. He suffered from a life-threatening infection stemming from an umbilical hernia. Parts of his bowel were breaking through his abdominal wall. His 21-year-old mother, Chaiti, did not make it to a health post in time to give birth. In an odyssey of several days, the desperate mother and her husband, Janga, hurried from the district hospital in Gamgadhi to Jumla crossing several mountain ranges - yet, none of these rural medical institutions was able to help the young family. The situation was very serious. 

A coincidental meeting with Back to Life employees finally sparked hope. Dinesh was flown out to Kathmandu immediately to be admitted at a qualified hospital. At what was literally the very last minute, he began his treatment. Otherwise his parents wouldn’t have been able to afford the trip to the capital and his medical care and the newborn may not have survived. 

Due to Dinesh’ severe inflammation, for a long time it was not possible to undertake surgery that would fix his umbilical hernia. In addition, as the little boy grew older, the risk of surgery would decrease. While waiting for an opportune time for the operation, he remained under close observation by the doctors. Then, last December, the doctors finally gave their OK for the surgery, the costs of which would be fully covered by Back to Life. During those weeks in Kathmandu his mother never left his side. By January, Dinesh had finally recovered and was ready to return to Mugu.

Chaiti says, ”my husband now works far way in India to feed us. If we had lost Dinesh in the hospital, I wouldn’t have find the strength to deliver this terrible message to him. I was so scared. When the nurse finally told me that everything had gone well, this was the happiest moment of my life!”

According to the doctors, Dinesh doesn’t have to fear further complication. As he is still so young, he hopefully won’t retain any trauma from this challenging time. 

We are grateful that we could help the family and wish them all the best for the future!


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