Help in Benares: Support for 14 students of our former children’s home


As we have reported already, at the end of 2017, after more than 20 years of project work in India, we phased out our operations in Benares. As we saw our goals in India achieved, we decided focusing exclusively on our projects in Nepal.

However, in Benares there is still a small group of 14 students who used to stay in our children’s homes whom we continue to support in their educational journey. These almost grown-ups have been selected for continued support due to their personal circumstances or educational achievements and will be supported until they have reached a school degree or completed a vocational training. 

This is done with the help of a local organisation in Benares, which looks after the 14 adolescents. We no longer have our own team or an office in India, but we will support the learners until they graduate and cover school fees and costs of living. In about two and a half years this programme will cease with most of them already in their last year of schooling.

Here is a small selection of how they carry on:

Babulal recently completed the final exam of his vocational training and is now waiting for his results. Next, he wants to start a one-year internship with a local company to gain work experience and references. He is most interested in electrical engineering.

Poonam has arrived in her last year of schooling. Hindi, English, sociology, and history are the subjects she enjoys most. Ancient history is also a personal interest of hers - she is fascinated by the history of India and other countries. After school, she wants to pursue vocational training. 

Rupa has decided to become a tailor and is currently doing her practical training with a private training institute. One day she wants to open her own fashion boutique. In the past few months she has already learned how to sew many different garments, including skirts, traditional dresses, suits, and blouses.

This programme covers educational fees, books, lodging and food for the students. Some of them live in private hostels, some have rented rooms, and others stay with relatives - the solutions have been individually tailored. All of them are well and cared for and able to focus on completing their school degree without distraction or worry. They are very motivated, everyone wants to get good marks. We wish them best of success for their exams and the future lying ahead of them.

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