2018 in retrospect & preview of our projects in 2019


2018 was again a very good year for Back to Life and our projects in Nepal. Thanks to our supporters, many successful relief and development initiatives have been implemented in Mugu, Chitwan and Nuwakot. Here is a selection:

The construction of 20 new classrooms has started across five schools. In 2019, these buildings will be completed and increase the number of classrooms supported by Back to Life to a total of 104.

In Hyanglu, Mugu, we have opened our 7th Birth Centre. By 2020, Back to Life will operate 13 Birth Centres in Mugu. Last year alone, 328 children were born at these birth facilities - within the next few months we’re expecting to celebrate 1,000 Back to Life babies.

A total of 3,081 children from 40 schools have received new winter clothing. In Mugu we equipped 2,393 children from 29 schools. This also includes schools that are not located within our regular project areas.

340 solar light home systems have been delivered to the village of Hyanglu, out of which 66 have been installed already. The installation of the remaining sets will follow by March 2019. At the same time, 276 energy-efficient stoves will distributed and installed at the family homes.

At our health camp in Khatyad, Mugu, 1,227 patients from 42 villages have been examined by doctors and, if necessary, received treatment and medication. A woman suffering from bleeding could be saved by referring her to hospital immediately. 

In Chitwan and Nuwakot, 688 scholarship students have been provided with school uniforms, school bags, and stationary.

Our school health programmes were attended by 3,641 students. At 38 schools, students together with our staff and teachers practiced the correct use of toothbrushes and handwashing with soap. 

At six schools in Chitwan, nine additional teachers have been funded to support an adequate educational standard.

In Kimri, Mugu, where 19 family home burnt down last year, we have distributed warm clothing and storage boxes for food and seeds to the 96 people affected by this tragedy. The reconstruction of the 19 houses will be supported by Back to Life starting this year. 

Pictures (c) BTL 2019


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