850 Back to Life babies and 4 new birth centres

Chandra has to catch his breath and is very excited when he arrives at the shaman’s house in the village of Gamtha. Just a few moments ago his son was born. Yet, to find a suitable name for the child the young man wants to know its Hindu horoscope. 
The shaman explains to him that the birth occurred in the second zodiac sign, Taurus. To reflect the meaning of this sign, Chandra spontaneously decides to name his son Ubjan, which in the local dialect translates to "rich" and "fertile". The shaman congratulates, "he will become a man of unlimited happiness and great achievement.”
"The birth of Ubjan, the 850th Back to Life baby, was without complications but took quite some time. For a total of 10 hours Ubjan’s mother gave birth to the 3 kg newborn”, explains our local midwife. Nevertheless, Mother Kusu is relaxed. This time it was no comparison to the dangerous delivery she experienced about 3 years ago when there was no Birth Centre in Gamtha yet. She recalls, ”at that time, I was inexperienced and anxious. I was alone in the cowshed when I had my first child.” 
The number of our Birth Centres continues to increase. In addition to the 7 Birth Centres operating already, 4 more will be added by summer 2019. The new locations will be the mountain villages of Jima, Nakharji, Jiuka, and Rowa. Moreover, we will start the construction of 2 more Birth Centres in Dhaina and Shreekot. These villages are already waiting to have a safe place for mothers and children to receive adequate care and medical supervision during pregnancy and childbirth. In total, this will make 13 Birth Centres in Mugu. In a few years we will be able to covere most parts of remote Mugu. Currently, about a third of all women in Mugu have access to the Birth Centres. It is a good feeling constantly growing this number.