Pictures from the award show in Cologne: A golden plummet for Stella


We have already reported from the award show of the "Goldene Lot" given by the Association of German Surveyors (Verband der Deutschen Vermessungsingenieure). Here is a compilation of photos from the event held at the Crystal Hall at Cologne Fair. We would like to thank Hendrik Grunau for these beautiful pictures.

A few excerpts from the speeches given during the ceremony:

Dr. Ralf Heinen, Mayor of Cologne: "The award this year is somehow different. I read her biography (Stella Deetjen’s) and was really quite touched. This year, with Ms. Deetjen, you have found someone who excels in an extraordinary way for humanity and social commitment.”

Dr. Heinrich Bökamp, ​​President of the Chamber of Engineers NRW: "It is all the more important that there are people who are not turning a blind eye on social issues – only then we can recognise whether the world really is in balance, or if something is getting out of whack. You, dear Ms Deetjen, have taken a very close look and you realised that helping people in need requires a solid foundation. An impressive example of people who are taking a stance. 

Wilfried Grunau, President of the Association of German Surveyors: "If we want to be innovative, we have to think and act outside the boxes created by ourselves. And that is exactly your merit, dear Ms Deetjen, that you have acted regardless of conventions and persistently remind others of compassion, whilst also holding them to account. For you it's not about demolishing boundaries, but empathy, commitment, and active help. This is what you have shown with your projects in Benares and now in Nepal in a very powerful and sustainable way. "

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Pictures © 2018 Hendrik Grunau / VDV

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