Addressing an urgent need: new school uniforms for the students at Ban Devi Primary School

Steep and dusty rocks, branches poking out along way, windy foot paths through the mountains and a life filled with hardship anyway – these are the every-day challenges a school uniform has to withstand in our project areas in Nuwakot. After a year of continuous use in a harsh environment, the fabric, even high quality material, surrenders. A timely replacement of clothes is inevitable.
In September, it was time to get new uniforms for the students of Band Devi School, which was rebuilt by Back to Life after the 2015 earthquake. Our team brought large bags of school uniforms in many sizes to re-equip the kids. We conduct this distribution at our project schools on a regular basis, as the families of the villages are too poor to afford school uniforms – especially, a necessary replacement can be a real challenge. This time around direct access to the school was not possible. Although the monsoon season is over now, the loamy roads are still severely damaged and have not been repaired yet. Hence, the road became impassable for the Jeep, and so, our team had to carry the heavy bags with the help of some local carriers for one hour through steep, difficult terrain until they reached the school on the hilltop.
For the children it is always exciting to get their new school uniforms. The uniforms are basically the best clothes they own. Especially the older children are very happy. Some of the little ones can find it exhausting to slip into the new uniforms, but of course their parents are around to help them. At the same time, there was an informal meeting with the villagers to talk about further support for their community. Regular communication with the population is an important basis of our help in Nuwakot.
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