Travelling in the heat of the monsoon: Stella is visiting Thakaltar



my warmest regards to you from Chitwan District in the South of the Nepal! The monsoon season is already in full swing, with heavy rains, high temperatures and humidity. 

I have spent this last week with the students of Thakaltar School. Here, we have supported the construction of a new school building, which was finished a few months ago. It has been our largest building project so far. 422 girls and boys are enrolled in the school, attending grades 1 to 10. Soon, we will start to rebuild another block at this school, replacing the old, fragile structures. 

Thakaltar is the only school in the area offering classes up to grade 10. Some of the students walk up to 2 hours to reach the school, and again 2 hours to go back home in the afternoon. Since the school is so important to this rural area and the demand from students is very high, we are eager to extend our support and open the door to many more students seeking their school leaving certificate. Completing grade 10 in Nepal is comparable to the German “Realschulabschluss” - hence, an important step towards a bright future for the students. 

Due to the heat, the students and I did not do activities outside in the school yard, but stayed inside the classrooms. On the first day, I’ve surprised them with two large posters that I designed for them. They show scenes from the last project visit together with the German author and presenter Susanne Fröhlich. Back in March this year, the students welcomed us with wonderful dance and music performances representing the local culture. Both of us were deeply impressed, so I wanted to bring this little gift to recognise and thank them for their efforts. Luckily, they loved the pictures and giggled and cheered when they found themselves or their friends on it. The older boys, put them up on the walls at the staircase, where everybody can see them. 

We’re having a very full schedule, but I really enjoy the interaction with the students, especially some very interesting and insightful conversations with the older students who are about to finish school.

Until next time! 





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