Like in all our project areas, Nuwakot is inhabited by particularly poor members of Nepalese society. They work as day laborers and try to improve the meagre financial situation of the family by doing some agriculture which works out rather poorly as they all live far below the poverty line. But at least they had their little homes with some land… until the quakes took everything.

However, if the husband has died in the disaster, the family’s income and livelihood is no longer secure and the family is henceforth reliant on the help of relatives or neighbours. An almost unbearable additional burden for those whose destiny was hardly better. And as if this was not already enough, now traumatized children grow up in the ruins of their villages. Their schools are destroyed. Destroyed like the parents’ hope that one day their children will have a better live than they have. There is just hardly anything left to build hope on for the future. Without targeted support, this task can never be accomplished by the people of Nuwakot. 

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