The earthquake and the aftershocks destroyed homes and caused many human casualties – the direct consequences are plain obvious in every village of Nuwatok. The long-term consequences of the destruction of the school buildings can only be surmised though. For a whole generation of children in Nuwatok it is written in the stars whether they can continue their school education. This will ultimately have dramatic consequences for the whole region, because as much as the parents had hoped for a better future for their children as desolate does the situation now look. A child without education will practically have no chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty – let alone will it be able to help rebuilding the region. Thus, the children are becoming the hostages of the catastrophe.

That is why Back to Life is once again focusing its attention on the youngest. It is essential that as many schools as possible are being reconstructed in Nuwakot in the shortest time possible. Only then it is even imaginable to think of a real chance for a future not only for the children but for the whole region. Therefore, we are planning to finish the reconstruction of at least six schools by 2017. Others will follow. Of course, we pay special attention to the fact that the structure of the new buildings need to be made as earthquake-proof as possible.


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