More often than not, education infrastructure in Mugu is not adequate. School buildings are small, dark, lack equipment and furniture, and are often dilapidated. Also, learning materials are scarce resources in this remote region of Nepal. In these conditions students and teachers alike have a hard time achieving educational goals.

As a result of the poor state of the education sector in Mugu, only half of the population is able to read and write. In fact, women´s literacy rate is only about 36%, which means that almost two out of three women cannot read or write (Nepal Household and Population Census 2011).

Back to Life e.V. is addressing this situation by rehabilitating and upgrading school infrastructure and equipment, and enhancing teacher capacity where necessary.  

Yet, most families rely on selling their children’s manpower. Therefore, it is hard for them to prioritize their children´s education. With no viable alternative, they must ensure their family´s survival. That is why our programmes also focus on income generation. By improving the economic status of the family, children can be freed up from work and attend school instead. To make schooling more affordable, we provide essential school supplies, such as pens and paper, uniforms and shoes. In addition, we also regularly conduct workshops to educate parents about the importance of and children`s right to an education.

As of 2017, Back to Life has built 10 school buildings in Mugu. In 2018 / 2019 we will build two more school buildings in the District and support 2,300 students directly with school supplies and uniforms.


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