In 2012, Back to Life started establishing Birth Centres in Mugu with the intention to offer local communities a safe and humane alternative to a traditional childbirth in a cowshed. With seven Birth Centres set-up so far, we have enabled women to circumvent their traditions, yet without breaking ties with their family and community. The Birth Centres are staffed by trained and certified midwives and medical assistants. Women receive medical care during pregnancy and give birth to their children under professional care. Afterwards they are monitored together with their newborns and invited to recover at the Birth Centre for several days. In addition, our employees educate women about family planning, hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention. This is important information that would otherwise hardly reach these rural women and their families.

The Birth Centres are staffed by at least two trained midwives and a medical assistant. Those medical professionals care for women and children before, during, and after giving birth. Each pregnant woman is offered at least four check-ups as recommended by the World Health Organization. Especially for young girls, the Birth Centres also serve as an information platform, as our staff actively provide information about contraception, hygiene, and general health care. 

 The services of a Birth Centre at a glance:

We are more than happy to witness that the Birth Centres have been wholeheartedly accepted by the local communities and authorities. So far, 650 children were born in our Birth Centres – all of them safe and sound. 

Birth Centres are making a significantly contribution to reducing maternal and child mortality rates in Mugu. Therefore, we would like to continue this journey and expand our Birth Centre programme further to communities in need. To be able to recruit qualified staff in this remote area in the long run, we also sponsor young women to be trained as midwives or nurses.

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