Due to the second major earthquake on May 12, the school in Thakaltar, which is sponsored by us, was severely damaged: One of three school buildings was no longer usable for teaching. We immediately promised to repair the premises as soon as possible. Because especially in this difficult situation it was of immanent importance that the traumatized children had a retreat, a place where they were welcomed with love and a place where they could play and to be a child again besides all tragedies. After all these terrible experiences they needed moments of happiness.

Since already 2011 we support 121 children in Thakaltar through direct sponsorship as well as the school with black boards, benches, tables, cabinets and adequate teaching and learning materials and, if necessary, with additional lessons. Thus all 365 schoolchildren do benefit from our help. Our focus is especially on girls, because they are particularly socially disadvantaged in this poor region. With the help of our funding as well as our agricultural programs and microcredit system the families are now able to regularly send their children to school.

After the earthquake lessons are being held in a tent school – until the reconstruction of the destroyed building and the expansion of the secondary education till 10th grade will be completed. For this the original single-storey building will be replaced by a new two-storey building with four instead of the former two classrooms.

A long-term cancellation of lessons would have had serious consequences for the students. They would have lost touch and their chances for a successful completion of their education would have been greatly diminished. The expansion till 10th grade is especially important for the children to offer a prospect of a qualified profession and an independent life. Ultimately the entire region will benefit from this. In addition, the alternative to continue the school would be far away: The nearest school that offers classes up to 10th grade is four hours of foot walk away.


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