In Chitwan we try to eliminate the lack of opportunities of the impoverished population. Covering various topics, we start with the support measures:

-        Improving the educational situation, especially of disadvantaged girls permanently through direct support

-        Enhancing the hygienic situation in the villages through trainings and education

-        Construction of toilet and washing facilities

-        Protecting the natural resources in cooperation with the villagers (fighting against deforestation by introducing solar systems

-        In cooperation with the villagers, we develop reasonable and locally adapted plans for ensuring the drinking water supply and enhancing the agricultural situation

-        Providing microcredits for families for a real chance to start a business

Our programs and measures are to be long-term. They interact with other and are always focused on the active involvement and cooperation of the villagers, so that they can stand on their own feet after 3-5 years and not be dependent on our help, but instead can improve their living conditions in the long term with their own strength. 

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