Our project manager developed with the help of educators and psychologists a specifically tailored program for children, which should help them in a fun way to deal with fears and to regain new confidence and joie de vivre. Due to the great visible success of our tent schools, the district school board in Chitwan asked us to expand our program before the start of school at all schools in the district Piple and Korak. That is why we organized with the help of an expert for trauma therapy a two-day-long training for a total of 27 schools by which nearly 10,000 school children have benefited from. We did not train the children though – but the teachers. Of each school two teachers were selected, and the respective school management and members of the district school board participated.

During the training the teachers learned about the scientific causes of earthquakes and received further information. The disaster is illuminated, discussed and analysed based on this information. Then we showed the teachers, how they could pass on this information in a suitable manner to children. For information and knowledge does work against fear. During this training the teachers also learned on how to lead their students to a correct behaviour in case of further earthquakes. They will also carry out exercises with the students so that these will know how to get in safety. Ms. Sabina, a teacher, said: ‚This Trauma Training is a huge success. Once it is issued the children forget the bad memories of the past few weeks and they also forget their deep anxieties.’

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