In summer 2008, our team drove to a village of some former leprosy patients to catch-up and some explore livelihood initiatives with. Our Back to Life team visited five families altogether. They were able to get to know the context of the village, its community, as well as the family situation of each of them. As part of the support, one of them, Dasun, received a water pump for his family. Due to his severe disabilities caused by leprosy and his old age, he was unable to work on the fields. Without walking sticks he could not walk at all and even when he was using them, his knees were constantly shaking. His adult sons worked as day labourers in agriculture, whist also taking care of the family’s own little plot, which was just enough to feed them supported by the daily allowances as an auxiliary income. Previously, they had to borrow a pump to irrigate their field. This was billed per hour and very costly for the poor family. Dasun was extremely thankful the day his family got the water pump. From now on they would be able to increase their yield and have more money left for food. 


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