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Do my donations even reach the needy?

Yes, they do. We always keep our administrative costs as low as possible. That is why we work with only a very small team in Germany. However, the implementation and administration of serious and reliable aid-programs through our competent and committed employees in our respective project areas cannot be realized without any administration costs. 

Are donations used efficiently?

Yes, of course. After two decades of working in the field of development assistance, we know that every Euro can make a difference in our project areas. Even in our initial time during the mid-nineties, our comparatively small aid project for lepers would have hardly been manageable if we would not have used the smallest sum of the donations deliberately and efficiently. Even our microcredit programs sustainably improve the situation of whole villages in Nepal with just the smallest amounts of savings. 

Is the work of Back to Life transparent?

Yes, at any time: We have joined the initiative ‘Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft’ (‘Transparency Deutschland’) and provide all relevant information such as financial reports on our homepage. The German Central Institute for Social issues (DZI) has found no critical evidence in its estimation on us. In addition, we regularly provide information on our activities through our newsletters as well as through our homepage and Facebook-page. Further information materials, such as flyers complement our communication. And we neither hire an expensive advertising agency for designing our information materials nor use any form of advertisement that require fees. 

Is there an independent review of Back to Life and the running projects?

Yes, of course. Otherwise it would be dubious. Our projects as well as our accounting are regularly being checked for the greatest possible transparency of our work. This is assured by the following measures:

  1. Independent auditors directly control our finances and activities in our project areas.
  2. Personnel of the Ministries of Nepal and India review and approve our projects (India phased out in 2017).
  3. The German tax office checks our accounting as to whether all our financial resources have been used according to the statutes of the association and only then issue a certificate of tax exemption.
Does Back to life have many employees?

Worldwide a total of 52 employees of all social classes, with and without disabilities are currently working for Back to Life – but only four of them work in Germany. The payments are oriented on the local wages and salaries. In addition to our work in our project areas with which we now reach up to 45,000 people, this also means a financial guarantee for several hundred relatives of our employees. We also invest in further trainings of our team members.

Is it possible to visit the projects in Nepal?

Yes, you are more than welcome. Come visit our projects in Chitwan and Nuwakot. Please contact us ahead of time for more detailed planning. Also, please inform yourself about the necessary insurances and vaccinations, because we as an association cannot be held liable for it.  

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