Especially for schools there is the possibility for active support and contact between cultures. The students learn in interesting lectures supported by filming material and footage about the living conditions of the Nepalese children, who are happy to get the possibility of a school education. The German children can get an idea of what it is like to live without running water and electricity and to be born into this world without a chance for a good future. They can witness how the Nepalese children make use of their granted opportunity and how they now happily grow up with a positive prospect or how we help people, living in the remote mountainous region of the Himalayas in Nepal, to get a new life perspective with our successful concept of helping others help themselves. The students can actively help in many ways: classes can become sponsors or students can found f.e. a working group that promotes the projects at school parties or Christmas parties.

We are also happy when teachers want to make the students familiar with Nepal and the local situation. In this sense, they also talk about Back to Life and our projects. For all projects films or documentaries are available, some of them were even broadcasted on television and can be shown to the students. For more information, please contact our German office.

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