A slum is getting torn down – rapid help for Samne Ghat

This year’s monsoon did hit the inhabitants of the Samne Ghat slum, whom we support since several years with social help and with medical services, especially hard.

During the health camp on the 12th of July our social worker Deepak listed those, who were in urgent need for more plastic covers for fixing their tents and umbrellas for protection against the upcoming monsoon.

As our team came back two weeks later, everybody was in shock. Nothing was left from the tent landscape. The former inhabitants told us under tears what happened: the new building of justice next to the village was now finished. As it seems the outlook on the slum was too distracting or unpleasant for the high judges, because four days earlier a group of policemen came and did tear down the tents and stamped on all the inhabitants belongings.

The inhabitants had to overcome the massive rainfalls for hours and were totally unprotected. The earlier ordered plastic cover were now of course not enough to cover what was needed. Unfortunately there is no possibility to move the inhabitants quickly to another place where they could have built new tents. So our only possibility to help them in the short run is to build up tents that are provisional and to buy more plastic covers, so that they have at least some protection for the coming weeks until we find a new place, where they will be accepted.

You can find a lot more pictures showing our humanitarian aid in Samne Ghat on our Facebook-Page!