A new home for Dhanamayas family

In May we reported about Dhanamaya and her nine-headed-family who lost their wooden house and all their belongings through a fire and were practically standing in front of nothing. They did not only have no roof over their heads but were also lacking clothing, dishes, stocks, goats, solar-light, all the other utilities for the kitchen and all the school-stuff. Everything was burned.

In a rapid first-aid-action our project-worker handed them foodstuff for the coming weeks, cooking-utilities, water buckets, covers and clothes. Next to that the family received a big tent as a temporary housing.

The children were very happy and relieved that we also replaced their burned school-stuff starting from uniforms, school-bags to the notebooks so that they could join their classes as soon as possible. The children already feared they would not be able to visit school anymore.

The family of Dhanamaya is very poor. They are trying to survive through day-labour. Way too often, when the father cannot even find any work at one of the neighbouring villages, Dhanamaya has to send the children to bed without any food which she does only with a heavy heart.
The material for the new house is therefore unaffordable for the family, which was especially for the father a very heavy burden, since he was the “male breadwinner” and was now not able to give his beloved ones a roof over their heads. Dhanamaya told our project-manager “We were always poor people and felt the hard life every day. When our house burned my husband was desperate. He was sick with worry. I have never seen him like this before. One night I woke up and heart him weeping bitterly. I have never seen my husband crying. He told me that he had a tremendous fear that we would end up on the street and that our children would become street children without any hope and chance.”

In Nepal the poorest in society do not have any possibility to get a fire insurance nor is there any provided support coming from the state since the state itself is too poor to afford and to offer such social benefits.

But with your support we were able to help the family to build up a little new wooden house with a roof. No palace, but a house resembling the ones of their neighbours for avoiding any envy from the villagers. Of course the family helped actively at the construction work. We are taking care of the organisation, the needed material and are paying for the needed workforce so that house is finished as fast as possible.

The Front- and Back-View of the new and finished wooden-house of the family.

Next to that the family will receive a new solar-light and two goats so that they have light and an alternative incoming-source.

Dhanamaya and her family are very thankful and happy: “Sometimes it feels like a dream to us that someone was willing to help us in our desperate situation. We want to thank Back to Life and everyone, who opened their hearts for us.”

And we can only endorse that and we want to express our sincere thank to all the donators.

Your Back-to-Life-Team