Dhanamayas family hopes for a new start after a disastrous fire

The 37-year-old Dhanamaya B.K. lives with her family in one of our project-villages in Chitwan. Dhanamaya has a big family, nine persons do live pressed together in a little wood-house at the edge of the forest and at the very end of the village Dhamili.

The family does not own any land, which they could cultivate. Dhanamaya’s husband, Akal Bahadur (48) as well as her oldest son Suresh (19) and his wife Kabita (19) do not have any education. They are not able to read or write and do work as day-labourers. Every day they are walking to the neighbour-villages to search for an income in the road-construction or as load-carriers. They are also hoping to find some work on the fields or at bazaars. Despite their poverty they are sending their youngest children to school. Next to Suresh, Dhanamaya does have 5 other children. The youngest one is still a baby.

Since April 2011 Dhanamaya and her family do participate in the savings groups and in all the trainings, which Back to Life e.V. does offer in this village, so that the income-situation and therefore the long-lasting living-conditions of the family does improve and the children, especially the girls, can be send to school.

They were very happy and did hope for a better future when they, as all the other families of the village, received the solar-lights and a couple of goats for breeding from Back to Life e.V.. Then however destiny hit them hard.

At the beginning of May there was a big storm. It was nearly evening when a fire broke out in the woods, presumably caused by a lightning. The fire spread rapidly and the little wood-house of Dhanamaya and her family was completely destroyed. The village community was not able to save neither the house nor any belongings of the family. Everything was burning like a flaming fire. The nine-headed-family is now completely destitute.

Even the two goats, which they received from our program to be able to generate an alternative income, were falling victims of the fire as well as the solar-light, clothes, food and everything else which the family did own.

They only things that were left, were the clothes they were actually wearing during this night. They always had been poor people but now they also were homeless.


Anjan, our local social-worker, took immediately care of the emergency and provided direct help with the most essential stuff:

First aid, food supplies (rice, lentils, salt, oil, flour, soap, etc.), cooking utensils, water buckets and blankets as well as clothes were distributed to the family, so that they could survive the following days. Anjan also gave them a tent, in which they could temporarily sleep.

The family is very happy for the immediate help, since otherwise they would have to sleep under the free sky which would mean to be defenceless against mosquitoes, rats, snakes, heat and rain. Though the half-open tent does not protect the baby against the daily heat. Right now the heat-time is slowly changing into the monsoon-time in Chitwan. The family urgently needs a roof over their heads, protecting them against the soon-coming hours- and days-lasting rain.

Therefore we want to provide them the needed wood, so that they can rebuild their home. The other villagers are as well living at the minimum subsistence level so that the family cannot hope for much material support. Even the savings-groups, whom exist since just a year, are not yet able to invest in such a huge amount of wood, because they have not enough capital for this case.

When Anjan asked the children, they were complaining the loss of the whole school-equipment und were now afraid that they would not be able to visit the school any more. Our local-worker promised them that we would replace everything needed to go to school.

Of course we will support the family within our existing project-help but we do need support for this case.

We want to give the family the opportunity to rebuild the little, modest wood-house and we want to give them solar-light and goats so they would have a perspective on income again. Naturally, we also want to give the children the most-needed school-equipment for their school-visit as well as clothes.

For being able to help the impoverished and right now also homeless nine-headed-family and to guarantee them a chance for a new beginning we are right now calculating an amount of altogether 2,000 Euro.

Therefore, we are asking for Your support. You can help the family with a donation under the keyword “Chitwan – Neubeginn” so that they can get the needed chance.

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