Your help

Your receipt of your donation is important to us

As a registered non-profit making organization, we are entitled to issue receipts for donations. In many jurisdictions, donations to registered charities are tax-free and you can submit these receipts together with your tax return.

Please note:

Under German law, tax payers do not require a receipt to deduct donations from the taxable income, unless they exceed 100 Euro. For donations up to this amount, the tax office accepts bank statements as proof of payment. From January 2007, we therefore only issue separate receipts for donations of more than 100 Euro.

We trust you understand our new policy, as it helps us keep our administrative costs low.

When making donations of more than 100 Euro, please write your full address in the "Purpose" field of the transfer slip. This ensures that your address is printed on our bank statement so that we can send you a receipt.

Receipts for funds raised through collection

Some donations we receive from friends of our organisation have been raised through collections. We know for example of schools that raise funds on our behalf. We also often receive contributions from companies, where an employee collects money from colleagues for a Back to Life project. The collected money is then paid to our account. In some cases, the initiators of the collection ask us for a receipt. We gladly fulfil their requests, provided that we receive a list of all contributors with full name and address and the amount they have donated. We then issue a receipt for every single contributor.

Please understand that we cannot issue receipts for donations of less than 10 Euro, as the administrative costs and postage would be disproportional to the money we receive for our project.

For legal reasons, we are however unable to issue a receipt for the total amount of the donation to the initiator of the collection, as this person has not actually made the contribution from his or her own funds, but only acted as an intermediary between the donors and our charity.

More and more people who are about to celebrate their birthday ask their loved ones to make a donation on their behalf to our charity, rather than buy them a present. Such donations to our account normally include the name of the birthday child. If the payments are made directly by the donors, we have no problem issuing receipts, provided they submit their full name and address on the lodgement slip.

As regards monies collected during the actual party, the tax authorities in Germany consider these a gift to the "birthday child", who then donates the funds to a charity. We can therefore issue a receipt for the total amount to this person.