Your support: Personalities

Dr. Fischer - former president of Austria

“My visit at the 51st Opernball in the midst of February 2007 introduced me into the life of the privileged and rich which was of course a total contrast to the reality of the leprosy affected people. But I gladly accepted this opportunity to connect these worlds a little bit and I found interest and attention for the theme of Leprosy from the people of politics, society, art and culture.
Gratefully, I could experience that the privileged of this world gave me their support and Interest thereby giving the leprosy affected people and their children a chance for healing and gaining back their dignity.
During the Opernball I was received by the Chancellor Fischer and his wife at the presidential box. I met an open-minded, warmly and far-travelled statesman who knows the beauty but also the problems of India very well. I was able to report on my fieldwork. The Chancellor already travelled to India several times, we had a very interesting and for me personally very enriching conversation.”