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Projects in Nepal
accountnr 0 729 999 002
IBAN DE94 5008 0000 0729 9990 02
Commerzbank AG
swiftcode DRESDEFF523

For donations from Germany

Projects in Nepal
Back to Life e.V.
Kto.: 0 729 999 002
BLZ: 500 800 00
IBAN DE94 5008 0000 0729 9990 02
swiftcode DRESDEFF523

For donations from Austria

Back to Life e.V. Kto: 000 90-021-800 BLZ 60 000 PSK Bank

For any donation, please fill in your complete address in the reference line: "designated use" to avoid any misunderstandings caused by similar names or addresses.

Please note: In the case of one project being over-funded the donations will be used for other urgent projects of Back to Life.

I want to take over a sponsorship for a project and I want to donate on a regular basis.

(Direct debit is only available for german accounts.)
Informations and Data concerning the standing order
Hereby I proclaim that I am going to arrange a standing order at my bank-facility with the following bank-account-informations of Back to Life e.V. I am going to donate
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