Fates and tragedies from Nepal 


During Khushi's stay at the hospital, we got to know many other patients in her ward. One of them is Anil, a fifteen year old boy. He had suffered burns that were even more severe than Khushi's. It all happened when he was about to boil some water for tea on a kerosene cooker and the cooker exploded. Anil is the child of a poor family from India. His father works as a carpenter in Kathmandu and the family lives in a small single room flat in the city. Anil has two younger siblings. He is good in English, as he went to school before his accident.

The parents were very angry with Anil, blaming him for the accident and making it clear to the child that he had financially ruined his family. On many days, he did not receive any meals, as the family was unable to pay the hospital canteen. He seldom had visitors, as his mother had to care for the smaller children. When I first met him, he was just miserable ... and hungry.

Nepalprojekte - Medizinische Betreuung - AnilNepalprojekte - Medizinische Betreuung - Anil

We therefore decided on the spot to pay for his meals and provide him with clothing and anything else he needed while in hospital. When he was eventually discharged, we arranged for physiotherapy and regular counselling sessions with a psychiatrist, who also met with his parents.

We then made sure that Anil could return to school. He is now in the same school as Khushi and joined the 8th class, which is exactly the grade he had left due to his accident. He enjoys school, and is catching up quickly. Due to his absence of more than one year, he will however continue to need remedial tuition for some time.

At the moment (July 2011), he is again in hospital for a further operation. It has been arranged that he will come to live at a well-known children's home in Kathmandu the moment he is discharged, as he, like every child, deserves to grow up in a caring and safe environment. His parents are still putting a lot of pressure and blame on the boy, despite the family counselling sessions we arranged. This has a terrible effect on Anil's mental health. He has now reached puberty, and it is already very difficult for him to cope with a completely destroyed body, restricted movement and horribly disfigured face. What he needs now is lots of love, encouragement and empathy. This is exactly what we try to give him at the children's home, where we also arranged one-to-one counselling for Anil.

Nepalprojekte - Medizinische Betreuung - Anil

As we will probably continue to support Anil for a number of years, we hope to find more sponsors for him.