Leprosy aid – the stories of sufferers 

Direct aid – a water pump for Dasun  

In the summer of 2008, our team once more visited our former leprosy patients in their villages. We regularly visit the families to find out whether they need any assistance to live independently.

Two of my team workers visited five families in three different villages to find out more about the living conditions in these villages and to see how the families were coping. They also provided direct aid where required.

This is how Dasun and his family got a water pump: Dasun is severely scared by leprosy and has become old. He is hardly able to walk, and his knees shake uncontrollably. He can therefore not work his fields any more. His grown-up sons work as day labourers on other farms and cultivate the small family plot. While they have very little land, the family has been able to survive on the extra income from the sons. To irrigate the crop, Dasun needed to hire a water pump. This was very costly, as the owner charged a high rate per hour. Since he was struck down by leprosy, Dasun constantly worries about the well-being of his family and wants to make sure that they have enough to survive. The day when his family was given its own water pump was a happy day for Dasun. His relief and joy were palpable. Although he was lost for words, it was obvious that he had gained renewed hope and confidence in the future.