Children's homes: The Children 

Before and Now: Shyam and Khushboo 

As we opened our second children’s home in 2007 we also found two hearing impaired siblings, Shyam (9) and his older sister Khushboo (16).

Shyams and Khushboos family comes from a small village near Muzzaffapur from the neighbouring state of Bihar. Their mother, Anita Paswan, suffers from tuberculoses. The father, Arjun, tries with simple jobs to keep his six children alive. Chandan (15) and Suraj (10), Shyams older brothers, also live in our children’s home.

A deaf-mute or hearing impaired child on the street will always be a victim of violence, abuse and malice. It will be used all its live. Especially these children need security and a trainee as well as a social environment that can handle this disability.

Because all our children come from the biggest trouble hotspots– street children or leprous colonies – they are used to handle with handicapped people and always finding ways to make the life easier together. Exactly this happened as we took Khushboo and Shyam to the group of our kids.

Development since accommodation in the children’s home

After four years in the children’s home, Shyam and his sister are fully integrated. Both show a notable lust for life and have many close friends. They talk with the help of sign language, gesture and mimic. When Shyam and Khushboo have problems or questions for the employees (and because not all our workers understand sign language), the other children like to help them to translate to our employees.

Khushboo is a nice, friendly and always smiling girl. She likes to wear beautiful clothes and combines always the happiest colours. On the question, what she would like to be in the future, she answered: a Taylor. She wishes to have her own sewing-machine and want to tailor clothes for women and little children. Often she is sitting together with Mampta, our needlework teacher, and improves clothing or hems them. She has a lot of fun and is very good in doing this.

Shyam, the small one, is a real heart breaker. He is an active, happy and keen boy, his big smile goes over his whole face. He likes to play Cricket and all other wild types of sports.

Both go to a school which is specialized on deaf people, an Indian charitable institution, which is financed through donations. With lots of care, 50 deaf children are taught here.

A new part of life

In May 2011, the destiny of the siblings changed dramatically. Even though Shyam and Khushboo were said to be deaf for years, we never gave up the hope. After a long time of preparation and many consultations with doctors, we could give Shyam and Khushboo their first hearing instruments. Even if they still have to get used to them and the tuning with the technical gadget will last the next weeks, the happiness about it for both is amazing.

The happiness and the astonishment of both children was unbelievable; Shyam fell into the arms of our employees and kissed them. The hearing instruments were customized over weeks, both can handle them now very well. Our other children are still very curious and reverential around Khushboo and Shyam like a real wonder happened.