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Before and Now: Rahul   

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul

Rahul is our eldest boy. He was born 1990 in the state Bihar into a very poor family. When he was about 4 years old, his father brought him to Benares in hope that the boy could do some unskilled labour and earn his own money with it. Rahul worked at a tea-shop on the street corner, whose owner gave his father about 20 Euro. The father went thereupon back to his village. Rahul worked day and night for one meal a day. He was hit, exploited and abused. He did not have a childhood; he had to fight every day for his life. As the abuses got too much for him, he escaped from the tea-shop and lived then on the street with beggars. Finally he sold postcards for tourists.

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul

Rahul is an uncomplicated, quiet and thoughtful boy. During his time in the children’s home, he successfully brought himself in as the oldest boy of the community; he took care on the younger ones, brought – if necessary – peace and harmony between the teenagers and had a closer look on everything, what the boys did in their room.

Often he went by himself with the team members, who took care on the leprous, and gave away bandages, medicine and emergency aid (plastic tarp, woollen pullover, covers etc.) to the people with whom he used to live together earlier on the roadside. He knows their worries by heart through his own experiences.

Rahuls educational achievements

Already with the first group of street children Rahul visited the school. He started in July 1996 and from this time on, he went his way with great continuance. In the year 2008, he aced his A-levels and in May 2011, he finished a three year course with the focus on German on the Benares Hindu Univeristy (BHU).

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul

During his studies in Benares he gave private lessons to our other children, looked after excursions and helped in the office. Rahuls educational success is a big motivation for our younger children to gain - with ambition, effort and strength -  a self-imposed, successful and free life.

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul

Since the summer 2011 he is studying on the Goethe-Institut in Kathmandu to improve his knowledge in German. Next to his study, he supports the Back-to-Life team in Nepal in their project areas.

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul

Rahuls sorrow

In September 2009, Rahuls mother died after a long ordeal which we went along with her. We tried everything to ease the suffering of his mother.

A couple of years ago, she and the rest of her family, also many of their neighbours in their village, took part on an active immunisation. She was infected with HIV. The same needle has been used for everybody. The infected were not educated and did not know about it, therefore also her husband, her eldest son (Rahuls big brother), his wife and their baby tragically were also infected. Because Rahul has been in our project since his sixth year, he could escape this awful destiny. Rahul always said that this is a horrible example for what can happen if you do not have the chance to learn how to read and write and therefore do not have access to essential surviving informations.

Rahuls sorrow concerned everybody in the children’s home and the children and advisor backed up to him. As his mother got burned, after the Hindu tradition, every grown up boy took part to show Rahul that he has a family that stays with him and shares his dolour. This from heart coming care was very good for Rahul and he found his way back to daily life again.

Rahul is our first child that did not only finish school with the help of Back to Life but also owns a University diploma. He is even now continuing his training in a foreign country. For a child that once fought on the streets of Benares for his surviving, this is an amazing achievement. We are unbelievable proud of him and are looking forward to support him in the future.

Indienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - RahulIndienprojekte - Kinderheime - Kinder - Rahul