Children's homes: The Children 

Before and Now: Baby 

Baby (13) is an especially friendly and lovely child. Naturally more shy but mostly friendly, curious and humorous.

It is good to see how well Baby settled in to our children’s home. When Baby came to us almost 5 years ago, she was a specially introverted child. Furthermore she suffered since a long time from chewing tobacco addiction, a typical habit under the poorer inhabitants of India, which she copied from her grown up leprous idols in Bahdohi. It took a lot of conversations and special welfare for Baby until she learned to live open with her addiction and finally give it up. With growing trust, Baby slowly lost her shyness and took more active on the community life in the children’s home part.

Also, Babys Asthma improved a lot through the healthy living conditions in our children’s home and the continuous treatment from our nurse.

Her best friends in the children’s home are called Sunita, Laxmi and Sita. With her two brothers Sunil (15) and Ravishankar (9), which both do also live in our children’s home, she gets along very well too.

Her favourite colour is red and her hobbies are Kathak lessons (a classical Indian dance) and handicraft. As one of her most beautiful moments last year she describes the Christmas celebration in the children’s home, on which she also showed a few dances.

Babys educational development:

When we took Baby to our children's home she was already 8 years old. Like most of the children which live in Bahdohi, she only knew the life in the colony but never spent one day at school.

Like other children she is today still suffering from her late school enrolment. Even though she is thirteen years old, she visits the second grade (after three years of pre school in the Indian school system) at “St. Christ Kids Valley School”. She is taking school very seriously and gives a lot of afford in her class, and also in our daily private lessons to improve her (partly still weak) school performance. Her current favourite subjects are English and Mathematics.

After her graduation from school, Baby wants to be a teacher. We hope to accompany her on her way until her dream is fulfilled.