Women´s World Award

Women's World Award

Back to Life e.V. - WWA

Back to Life e.V., the team, the people affected by leprosy and the children are pleased and glad that Stella Deetjen, founder and head of the projects in India, has been awarded the ‘Women’s Award of Hope 2006’.

The award has been given to her within a festive gala ceremony on October 14, 2006 in New York by the former President of the Soviet Union, Mr. Michail Gorbatschow. Further honored women in different categories were the Queen Noor of Jordan, Claudia Schiffer, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu, Head of NASA Shana Dale, Dr. Robin Herbert, Billie Jean King and Mary J. Blidge.

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Stellas speach:

I am very thankful for this award, which I receive in the name of the ones affected by leprosy, they being the blossoms of hope.

I hope very much that this prize opens the door to a forgotten topic: leprosy. Leprosy people are completely excluded from and by the society, they don’t receive any medical or social help nor information, and many among them are not aware that their illness can be cured. But leprosy is curable in every stage! After having received medicine for the first time, the patient is not infectious anymore, thus they don’t need to be isolated anymore, and rather they just then have to have the medication. The medicine is cheap, only just the will and the engagement is missing.

The leprous live as untouchables homeless at the fringes of the city like dogs in the street, they don’t have any lobby or a celebrity standing in front for protecting them or giving them a voice. They are the ones on the bottom; they are far below, there is nothing more deeply down as being untouchable and nameless.

Please help, so that we can go through the door, which is just opening here. I have ready many plans on how to effectively change the situation for the sufferers and, especially on how to spread information in a culturally adapted way in order to extinct the stigma associated with this illness. Please have a look at ‘One Drop of Hope Project’.

Together, even an impossible task can be solved; I am ready to give all my engagement, my energy, experience, work and the strength of my heart to labour for a noticeable change.

Please add a drop,

All the best, Yours Stella Deetjen